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Swiss Company

Swiss is quality, logistics and ease is easy to use and all services are guaranteed (STS - Swiss Travel Security)

Web Company (IT)

Reisenplatz is a Metasearcher

Reisenplatz compares millions of contracts and gives the best available price!

Business Model

Reisenplatz is an exponential company

Multichannel Technology

Reisenplatz is B2B but is multichannel

Platform, White Label, DMC.manager, Newsletter.Manager and Web Service (API) are just some of the tools (IT) to best serve your customer.

DMC by Reinseplatz

The Content Management System for DMCs and Travel Agencies

What is it? The DMC content management system for tour operators and travel agencies is a tool online ( developed by Reinsenplatz. Easy to use, it allowst to upload activities, excursions, tours and cruises. Used for several years by many partner suppliers, its usability has improved over time, becoming today very easy and intuitive.

The use of this channel manager for tour operators and travel agencies is FREE, but linked to the cross selling generated by the potential customer - supplier. Reisenplatz's business model is exponentially circular. Search, compare, buy and sell!