Gateway Multiprovider

Reisenplatz is Multi-Provider

Reisenplatz is booking platform, but also a search engine, a comparator, a sales channel and a technological sales tool ... The best beds banks, OTAs, Tour Operators, Hotel chains and wholesalers are linked to Reisenplatz's databases. Reisenplatz, for a fee, can also become your gateway to increase your business. In case you already have your own contracts with some suppliers and you don't want to change your booking system every time, you can choose Reisenplatz's solution! You'll continue to have your contracts and price lists. This is the perfect solution for small tour operators that, in this way, can save time and easily compare more suppliers when making quotations.

The characteristics of Reisenplatz Booking Platform

  • Reisenplatz is a very easy-to-use search engine
  • Reisenplatz is Business to Business Company
  • Reisenplatz sells at net prices.
  • Use of Reisenplatz is free for travel agencies.
  • Payments with Reisenplatz are related to suppliers' cancellation policy.
  • Reisenplatz is completely geolocated
  • Reisenplatz's product is wide, complete and competitive

White-Label - Multi-Provider

The White Label (Your travel agency booking engine ) is an instrument that ReisenPlatz  has created  for  the best agencies to permit them to sell on line! The best beds banks, OTA, Tour Operator, Hotel chains and wholesalers are linked to our databases via API-XML.

Reisenplatz, for a fee, can also become the whitelabel with your contract and list price. You have contracted with some vendors, but you want to sell with the Reisenplatz platform, but with your brand, you can do it! This is the ideal solution for Tour Operators and Network of Travel Agencies who want to sell their product with a latest generation booking engine.

The characteristics of White Label of  Reisenplatz

  • The Reisenplatz  white label (iframe - url)  is implementable on whatever web site
  • The Reisenplatz white label  is responsive  and adaptable to smartphones. 
  • The Reisenplatz  brand is not present on the white label  and  the label permits the user to insert  :
    • Company’s Logo  
    • Agency's Footer  (Business Name - Company number - Adress )
    • Agency's Sales Conditions
    • E-mail  and Telephone number of agencies
  •  Operability of the  white label is completely managed by You
  •  You can decide :
    • which Lines of product to sale! 
    •  Decide Your Mark up  for each line of product
  • The payments in white label  are all  with   credit card  
  •  You can decide the  colour of your  White label
  • The white label refers to your agency code and each reservation is sent automatically to Your e-mail address