Reisenplatz API - XML

Reisenplatz is a booking platform, but also a search engine, a comparator, a sales channel and a technological sales tool ... Reisenplatz is also available via API-XML

The characteristics of Reisenplatz API - XML

  • Reisenplatz is Business to Business Company
  • Reisenplatz sells at net prices.
  • Use of Reisenplatz is free for B2B platforms
  • Payments with Reisenplatz are related to suppliers' cancellation policy.
  • Reisenplatz's product is large, complete and competitive
  • Reisenplatz XML may be multiprovider. 

How to request and have access to the XML API

  • Subscribe to this link
  • You will receive the manual automatically
  • You will receive NDA to sign
  • You will receive test environment password
  • You will receive all assistance contacts

The XML service is free, but in the presence of an agreed proportion of calls and bookings. The xml connection service is free at scheduled times.

Reisenplatz is Multi-Provider

Reisenplatz now compares millions of tourist service contracts. The best beds banks, OTA, Tour Operator, Hotel chains and wholesalers are linked to our databases via API-XML. Reisenplatz's suppliers are from many different countries and are specialized in different continents, destinations and businesses. They have different seasons, prices dedicated to different markets and conditions targeted at different customer targets.

Reisenplatz expects you to select only providers that you have not yet connected to minimize overlapping of the product (Free) 

Reisenplatz, for a fee, can also become your gateway to increase your XML connections.
You have contracted with some vendors, but do not feel desirable to open and manage a direct connection with them, you can serenely manage it via the Reisenplatz connection while continuing to have your contract and price list.